Business Development Training

How can Ventures help to expand or start your micro-business?

Marketing_2684 (2)The Business Development Training is the foundation of the services we provide at Ventures; participants examine the feasibility of their new or existing business and learn from hands-on work in the areas of sales, marketing, finance and operations.

We offer a new series of classes each quarter in English and Spanish in several locations around Puget Sound. The class meets once per week for eight weeks, typically for three hours per class.The following are basic topics of each class session in the eight-week course:

  • Class 1 – Define Your Business
  • Class 2 – Marketing Plan
  • Class 3 – Creating a Sales Plan
  • Class 4 – Make Money From Your Business
  • Class 5 – Determining Your Break-Even Point
  • Class 6 – Cash Flow Projections
  • Class 7 – Legal, Taxes and Licensing
  • Class 8 – Organizing Your Business


To apply for the BDT, you must attend a Get Ready for Business Workshop. If accepted, there is a sliding scale fee for the class, which is due at class #1.

Ver esta informacion en español.